Made In Los Angeles Pushing Pride In Hustle... Plata O Plomo

The Plata O Plomo Los Angeles SHOP IS LIVE!

Why We Do This

Now that we are live, let's get you up to speed on the whole Plata O Plomo thing.

Plata O Plomo Los Angeles had an idea to make stuff we like and would wear, in Los Angeles... We all rock a lot of dope brands, but wanted something different... something that means LA.  

So, we make our shit in Los Angeles , and it's made by Angelinos, and many of them are immigrants... or sons and daughters of immigrants. And you know what?  We so fucking proud of them cause they Make America Great Already  just like all of us do now, and all of our parents and grand parents, and their fucking parents did... Immigrants.  So enuff fucking words about jobs  -- do something to create some jobs. Enuff bullshit about building "beautiful walls," when we should all be tearing down the fucking ugly ones we got already.  

Oh yeah... AND... All the good people who work in the factories or on the presses or in the warehouse  -- ALL making shit for Plata O Plomo Los Angeles -- are paid fair wages. #FAIRWAGES !!! Cause THAT is America. Okay, we're done with the rant...   Now Go Buy A Shirt!

We're All In

GaryT is our product development guy.  Gary is legit, he grew up hard in The City Of Los. Gary has seen a lot of shit.  Back in the day, Gary was like motherfuckin' Morgan Freeman in the Shawshank Redemption for some tough cats in the hood. You needed something... Gary would hook it up.  He is the soul of what we do. He is also the motherfucker in the picture above. 

KFitz designs. We know you already know his work... how? Well from what I can see on Instagram a bunch of you like to 4:20 and then watch Adult Swim... That's cool.  Well, KFitz did that shit. He also is the creative director for a skate company and plays in punk rock bands.

StraydogLA and me,  Jaydee, make it all work and come from the TV and Fashion Media World. 

We different... We same.

We represent Los Angeles. From Cali With Love. 

Our Shit Is Dope

Yes... it is.  Here's why.

100% Organic Cotton. Mad Soft. Exclusive Screen Process (makes the graphic look and wear better), A Modern fit and Awesome Designs. We make shit we want to wear.

The designs are off the hook, check it here

And, when you make product in Los Angeles it's better, why? -  We think you already got that.

Choose Your Path, Plata O Plomo Y Pablo Escobar

Sure, ¿Plata O Plomo? means ¿Silver Or Lead? and was  ultimatum that Pablo Escobar often gave his "partners"  -- take the money or get the bullets. 

But GaryT breaks it down best, “Escobar had a way of dealing with his partners and enemies, ‘Plata O Plomo,’ literally, ‘Silver or Lead’, meaning you take the silver (the bribe) or get the lead (the bullet). We see it more as, make the choice, or the choice will be made for you.  It’s about the daily struggles that we all face in life… our line is a testament to overcoming those struggles.”

Pushing Pride In Hustle

Since this is our first blog, the official press release on our launch is below.

Thanks for all the love Especially on Instagram.

We Love You Back! 

Plata O Plomo Los Angeles


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