Plata O Plomo Now At J&Grey In Mar Vista!


First off, for those of you who follow PLATATUDE regularly, you've probably noticed we haven't been blogging of late.  Truth is, we are SO crazy busy.  The response, and sales, have been AH-mazing! And... we have SO much dope gear in the pipeline... man you are all going to be stoked. So... keep checking our INSTA - @PlataPlomoLA - for updates on ALL the new stuff we got cookin', news, views and of course... cool peeps wearing Plata O Plomo Los Angeles.  Hey, tag us in your Plata O Plomo... and you might see yourself on our feed just like the awesome #PLATAFRIENDS ! 




12118 1/2 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066
We are SO proud and honored to have partnered with our very first retail spot!   J&Grey is an amazing boutique right in Mar Vista whose mission, in the words of its founder, the stylish and brilliant, Jennifer Hogaboam, is "... to provide stylish, affordable, clothing from local vendors including my own line for women and children."

Now That's A Power Couple! POP In The Windows At J&Grey  

The store is truly unique, and we can say that Jen and her team have an great eye for "new local talent." ;) We spoke with Jen about J&Grey, the meaning of life and of course, one of her fave brands... yup, those LA Guys With The Thing For Chickens!

Jen Hogaboam (l) Founder Of J&Grey Helping Michelle Curry (r) Pick Out A Plata

JAYDEE: So Jen, how did you get into the fashion game?

JEN HOGABOAM: I opened my shop 1 year ago last week (Oct. 3rd)! I  use to teach art at a Montessori school for years before jumping into this venture.  I designed my shop and renovated it with the help of my Mom and Step Dad as my construction crew, and since my whole family helped to get us off the ground, I labeled my shop a lifestyle boutique providing shopping and events for the whole family... including mine!

JAYDEE: What made you decide to Choose Your Path, with Plata O Plomo?

JEN HOGABOAM: Funny enough, you guys liked one of my INSTAGRAM posts, and I was like, who are these guys dropping money bag emojis in the comments. I checked the POP INSTA and was like, "Hey, wait a minute, these guys are from LA  - AND MAKE THEIR STUFF IN LA?!? As I dug deeper, I realized that what you are doing is SO in line with the J&Grey customer...

I chose to carry Plata simply for the great design and fit of the shirts and the message behind your brand... and you are blowing up! Customers love the feel and fit of the shirts and and are drawn to the graphics. 

Hey by the way Jaydee, we've almost sold out of the tees... so get on it (laughs). And seriously dudes... when are we getting the hats, hoodies and belts!

JAYDEE: Ha! Soon Jen soon! Believe us, you are gonna be the first to know... even before we tell Gary's mom! All kidding aside, we are so blessed to have you on our side.  You have been a tremendous friend and we are thankful!

JEN HOGABOAM: Aww dude, thanks, and we really do believe in what you are doing.  I know it's hard for brands to make apparel in the US and it's more expensive, but, keep on doing it.  It not only shows in the quality, but, trust me on this one, it's winning the hearts of customers who LOVE your story.

JAYDEE: Now I'm the one saying, Awww dude, thanks! One last question...

JAYDEE: Are You Plata O Plomo?

JEN HOGABOAM: Tough one, I'm definitely a little of both - Plata and Plomo, but isn't every smart woman?






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