Pura Vida... Pura Plata

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The Plato O Plomo crew took a little trip to Costa Rica in search of some good vibes, food and the perfect left hand break. Nosara, in Guancaste Province, is the cool spot for surfing, yoga and just hangin'.  

We got to spend some time with our friend Derek (ex. Venice fam) at La Negra Surf Hotel + Soda - definitely check out La Negra on Thursdays when he's cooking up chicken in the wood fired oven he designed, served up with yucca fries, rice and beans and cole slaw. And trust us... we know our chicken.

The waves are sick, the monkeys are gangsta (they WILL steal your sh*t) -- most of all the Costa Rican people are so amazing and welcoming  -- after a week, we're mad Tico.


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