Plata O Plomo Los Angeles Mens + Womens Premium Streetwear. T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hats, Hoodies Accessories.The Best Fucking Black T-Shirt You’ll Ever Own! © Plata O Plomo Pablo Escobar Silver Or Lead Made In Los Angeles USA. West Coast Is The Best Coast Made In Los Angeles, Made In California, Made In USA, Made In America by Workers Paid A Fair Wa

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Silver Or Lead 

Plata O Plomo LA is the premium Streetwear brand born and made in Los Angeles.  
We are dedicated to offering high-quality Mens + Womens Apparel and Accessories designed and manufactured in the USA. Our exclusive line of T-Shirts and Gear are built “LA Tough” in factories that pay fair wages to Angelino workers. 
We make products that we want to wear and know you will too. 
The legendary Pablo Escobar had a way of dealing with his partners and enemies, “Plata O Plomo,” literally, “Silver or Lead”… take the bribe… or take the bullet.
Make the choice, or the choice will be made for you. 
 We know it’s the same hustle from The Streets Of LA to Wall Street…it’s about gettin’ made and gettin’ paid.  It's about the daily struggle to keep your head cool, while having the steel to make the hard choices life throws at you.

That’s what we believe in and that’s why we do this.

Plata O Plomo
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